Welcome to Oughterson House Plantation Villas.


Oughterson House Plantation is a unique vacation getaway.  Located on high ground overlooking eastern Barbados, this 1700’s sugar cane plantation offers a retreat experience far from the maddening tourist crowd.  Three separate and distinct villas dot the Plantation House grounds which is now a tropical garden.

Main Plantation House circa 1700

Each villa offers its own flavor of private, family-style living with open floorplans and full kitchens surrounded by a horticulturalist’s paradise – organic gardens, fruit trees, flowers, birds and even the plantation monkeys. The Barn sits beside the coral swimming pool.  The View sits overlooking the Atlantic over the foreground of cane fields. The Cottage is nestled in the branches of banana and mango orchards. Your British host has transformed a former Zoo into a botanical haven complete with fruiting trees, organic gardens and flowering vegetation everywhere.  Open floor plans offer a unique connection with the ocean breezes and the natural settings.  Far from the madding crowd, you will find respite in a local charming culture and a quiet countryside pace. This is the Barbados that few get to see.

If you desire a true historical getaway, isolated from tourists in a bucolic, natural setting;  if you  desire the texture of simplicity and being “unplugged” ;  if you desire a retreat from the crowds after going to the beach or local market;  then you desire Oughterson Villas.  Your host is Peter,  raconteur and your guide to the “forgotten coast” – the eastern coast of Barbados.

Barbados Villa View from Oughterson Plantation

The view from the front lawn of Oughterson Plantation Villas

There is so much to do.  Nearby is Crane Beach, recently granted status by the NYTimes one of the 10 best beaches in the world.  Oistins Fish Market and local produce stands will make your meals memorable.  And of course your are welcome to hundreds of miles of beaches.  The drive up the eastern coast is as spectacular as any Big Sur California or Patagonia drive. Take a boat ride with Peter Milne from the Yacht club or twist his arm to go waterskiing.  Diving, snorkeling and cliff jumping are a few other unique nearby adventures.

Or don’t do anything adventurous.  Sit by the pool and read a book.  Take a walk through miles of caning roads in the early morning mist of Barbados.  Breath. Converse. Cook.

Be warned this is not for the Disney or luxury resort crowd.  This is open-to-the-trade-breezes lifestyle as 300,000 Bajan’s live.  You will not be living ten feet from your suburban neighbor’s back yard.  You will not see another condo from your villa.  No tour schedule, no concierge tipping, no reservations for dinner and you may have to suffer a frog crossing the doorstep or the resident plantation dogs who wander in at any hour.  This is life as you would live if you were to move to Barbados – who knows, after staying at Oughterson Villas, you just might.