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Barbados Festivals

Barbados has a rich culture that was handed down from island’s colourful past… the island’s festivals highlights many of these peculiar cultural characteristics through its military history, its folk parades, street carnivals, village characters and food. So if you would like to learn more about the folklore and fanfare associated with Barbados festivals click here

Barbados Music

Music of the Sun… that’s how Barbados most popular and successful pop star Rhianna named her debut album… Most fans would agree that the young pop star had capture the essence of Barbados music… But long before Rhianna’s meteoric rise on the world’s music charts the infectious beat of the islands music was the highlight for many visitors to the island. Over the years the island has develop into one of the most fascinating music cultures in the world…

Barbados Language

Over the years Barbados has been widely referred to as being little England so naturally our official language is English… but you’ll also find that most Barbadians also speak the nation language called Bajan. This is an expressive and colourful local dialect use to share many of the favourite proverbs and phrases peculiar to Barbadian culture…Many of these colourful phrases often uttered in a rhythmic singsong has been passed down from generation to generation and has formed an integral part of our Bajan culture. Here is a list of some of the most colourful pieces of Bajan sayings and their meaning…

Barbados Folklore

Most cultures have folklore and legends associated with them… Barbados is no different over the years a number of colourful characters and intriguing stories have been passed down through generations. Characters like Ossie Moore and King Dyal and stories like the legend of the Chase Vault or about Duppies and Steel Donkeys have all become ingrained in our folklore…

Barbados Food

Barbadosfood is spicy and flavourful so whether you’re having lunch, dinner or a mid afternoon snack you will find a mouth-watering variety of Barbadian fare cook with typical Bajan flair. The island has a diverse culinary offering that has been influence by the African, European, Asian and Indian cultures that has call Barbados home over the years.Among these are many delicacies like Black Pudding and Souse, fish cakes and Cou Cou and Flying Fish that are indigenous to the island..So go on take part in our festivals, dance to our music, say it like a bajan or sample all of our delicacies I dare you… You’ll love it!

Animal Flower Cave

The Animal Flower Cave located at the extreme north of the island, is an amazing creation of the sea. The cave got its name from the Sea Anemones or sea worms that can be found there.This Barbados tourist attraction consists of a large cave with many chambers and natural pools. This natural geological wonder is also a great place to host your Barbados wedding.

Morgan Lewis Mill

Morgan Lewis Mill was originally built in the 18th century to grinded the sugar cane during harvest time. It was one of the many mills dotting the landscape of Barbados during that early era when sugar was king. This tourist attraction now falls under the Barbados National Trust; it was restored and is now the largest complete windmill in the Caribbean. A must see part of Barbadian heritage… maybe this mill is a reminder from our ancestors, that a tropical paradise needs renewable energy.

St. Nicholas Abbey

St. Nicholas Abbey is one of the majestic great houses of Barbados it has been well preserve for the past 350 years. This 17th century house is perhaps the last such house anywhere in the world. This property is now one the island’s heritage sites and tourist attraction it also proudly represents an era when sugar was king on the island. The next major tourist attraction in the north of Barbados is the Wildlife Reserve. This natural habitat for the animals is tucked away in a grove of mahogany trees overlooking the scenic Scotland district.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

The Barbados wildlife reserve. is the perfect place to observe the Barbados Green Monkeys and a host of other animals in their natural environment.Central Barbados is just as beautiful as the Northern villages but more important it is home to some amazing tourist attractions. If you want to be truly fascinated by what Barbados has to offer Harrison’s Cave is the place to tour.

Harrisons Cave

Harrisons cave is the leading attraction in Barbados; it is located within close proximity to a number of other wonderful attractions.

What ever you do make sure you allow time for a visit to Harrison’s Cave. I am sure as you make your trip through this three mile underground, crystallized limestone cavern you will stare in awe at the magnificent geological features this natural wonder has to offer. And you can’t help but notice icicle shaped stalactites hanging from the roof reflecting the glimmering light of the impressive stalagmites rising from the ground. And like I did you too will gaze in wonder at the mirror lake, a large pool whose surface reflects the formation of this great wonder.

Welchman Hall Gully

Welchman Hall Gully is another attraction in central Barbados. This three and a quarter mile long lush green tropical forest reserve is the home to many exotic trees and plants, these include bamboo, clove, nutmeg and a variety of palms. Welchman Hall Gully is one of the island’s most magical places; its tranquility radiates the kind of calm that can only come from Mother Nature. Another of central attraction in Barbados is the Flower Forest. It is located approximately three minutes drive away from Harrison’s Cave and some 850 feet above sea level.

The Flower Forest

The Flower forest features fifty acres of natural beauty enhanced by creative landscaping. As you meander along the nature trails you have spectacular panoramic views of the island’s rugged but beautiful East coast. Southern Barbados has not been left out there are some fascinating attraction in the South of the island these include Bridgetown, Tyrol Cot, Mount Gay Rum Tours, Garrison Historic Tour, George Washington House, Banks Brewery, Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, The Rum Factory and Heritage Park at Foursquare, Oistins and Sunbury House.


Bridgetown which recently celebrated its 350th anniversary is the capital of Barbados. The city is the home to the oldest synagogue in the western hemisphere and the third oldest parliament in the British Commonwealth.

Tyrol Cot

Built in 1854 also represents a house from Barbados past its design is a blend of Palladian and tropical architecture. Here you will find displayed a slave hut, a chattel house and a rum shop.

Mount Gay Rum Tours

Mount Gay Rum Tours is perhaps the most frequently visited Barbados tourist attraction. Here you will gain an educational insight into the history of the world’s oldest rum. The Garrison Historic tours consist of the Barbados Museum, George Washington House, the National Cannon Collection, St. Anns Fort, and the Military Cemetery.

The Barbados Museum

The Barbados Museum is the home of Barbadian culture and heritage it is located at the center of the Garrison Historic area on the perimeter of Bridgetown. The museum comprised of seven galleries each offering an educational insight into the rich heritage of the island.

George Washington House

George Washington House is also an integral part of the Garrison Historic area. This house has a fascinating history being the only house outside the United States of America where the great George Washington ever resided.  On the upper floor you will find a museum which focuses on the rich heritage of Barbados during the 17th and 18th century.  If you’d like to know more about the other Barbados tourist attractions which offer an educational journey into the history and culture of this island paradise visit