The View

“Don’t bother looking at the view — I have already composed it.” – Gustav Mahler

The View is a two bedroom villa facing the ocean and catching the breeze and is set apart from The Barn & Cottage and away from the pool for those who wish to enjoy the facilities but prefer the quiet. Its open plan style extends to front folding doors which fold away completely opening up the view of the sea in the distance and giving a rural panorama of cane fields and grazing ‘black belly’ sheep. Ideal for party members who are happy for the rest of the party to carry on without them!  Its large wooden deck has hammocks and seating, 2 sofas in white canvas giving a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere to the coral stone interior. The kitchen bar faces a view through the 22 foot folding doors that carries the eye to the far horizon and it sky scape of Caribbean blue and white scudding clouds. The back balcony looks down onto the bamboo pond where snapper turtles can be spotted & where the cattle egrets come to roost at night. There is a ramp at the rear for wheelchair access and a barbeque with outdoor lighting. Coconut palms line the pond with flamboyant, tulip and annato trees surrounding it.

AA90001 1024x685 The View

The View Villa

Suited to those wanting a relaxing, romantic or private get away break, the area is much quieter than the main tourist areas on the South and West coasts, and benefits from an almost constant gentle soothing breeze. The South East Coast has a more natural & relaxed environment and is specially noted for the genuine hospitality and friendliness of its local inhabitants.

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The View from The view

  • Two bedrooms
  • Two baths
 plus outdoor shower
  • Pool
  • Two Porches
  • Full Kitchen with utensils/pots/pans,etc
  • Fridge/freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • Clothes washer/dryer
  • Cleaning services included
  • Linens
  • Two Hammocks
  • Pool access nearby
  • Charcoal grill and supplies
  • Wi-Fi
viewvilla plans0002 The View

The View Villa layout